Jules Milner-Brage:

  + Software design and development consultant (Adakara Research).
    Formerly, Senior Systems Software Developer, HighWire Press
    (scholarly publishing infrastructure and services).  Formerly,
    Extreme Blue Technical Intern (Collaborative User Experience
    Research Group), IBM.

  + Representative for Precinct 12, Brookline Town Meeting (elected
    municipal legislature).  Co-coordinator, Brookline Safe Routes
    to School Task Force (public health outreach initiative).

  + Board of Directors, Brookline GreenSpace Alliance (environmental
    stewardship and advocacy non-profit).  Co-founder, Friends of
    the Beacon Street Bridle Path (public realm advocacy initiative).
    Formerly, Board of Directors, Peabody Terrace Children's Center
    (early childhood education non-profit).

  + Alumnus of Oberlin College (computer science), Bard College at
    Simon's Rock, and National Outdoor Leadership School.

  + Backcountry skiing and urban cycling enthusiast.

  + Husband and father.

    P.O. Box [local-part:] 1676, [domain:] Brookline, MA 02446, USA

    Email: <[local-part:]jules@[domain:]milner-brage.com>

    Tweet: @JEM6B5




About a few recent projects:

  + Studying restoration of the Bridle Path on Beacon Street
    in Brookline (2017 -).  Organizing Friends of the Path (2018 -).

  + Running for Town Meeting in Brookline (2018).